Plucking fingers for poultry/turkey/ducks slaughterhouses

How to lower your slaughterhouse costs and have a great plucking

I just came back from the second visit that I did with Franck Le Meaux (CEO of thePlumatech Brand) to several important slaughterhouses in Romania. On this occasion, I have strengthened my conviction that the solution to success in sales is not necessarily the price, but to solve the problems of the customer by bringing an expert (25 years experience in producing plucking fingers and 10 years experience in the slaughterhouse – being a family business).

But everywhere people want to buy at minimum prices, and this almost never guarantees the quality of the product.

The Plumatech brand is known worldwide due to both the superior quality of the products and the fact that it provides free consulting services at the slaughterhouse when testing our fingers for plucking.

Because we have 25 years of experience, we are able to provide you with the best solution for positioning your fingers in the plucker, so that you can solve your problems with broken wings, hematoms, partial plucking, consumption of fingers, plucking angle adjustments.

Brand figures reflect our experience:

  • 4 million Euro turnover
  • 32,000,000 fingers sold annually on 5 continents
  • Due to our exclusive representative, your orders/problems and deliveries resolves quickly.

All fingers are made of 80% natural rubber which gives them increased resistance and elasticity. Ergonomic design for maximum efficiency.

Pneumatic machines for drawing and cutting of fingers:

  • The fingers are gently pulled into the discs
  • Ease of handling and increased safety
  • Reduces by 50% the time needed for pulling the fingers into the pluckers
  • Required pressure – 7 bar

Steps to get free advice of cutting you costs regarding plucking:    

The next scheduled visit (with expert) for Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria will be in the spring – summer of 2020.    

Please complete  the questionnaire  ( 5 minutes) and send it back to me:


Questionnaire English

Ensuring access to the plucking line for approx. 5-10 minutes of our expert.

Update 2019: In Romania, 20 slaughterhouses frequently order our fingers at this time.   

In 2017 more than 150,000 fingers sold in Romania.

in 2018 over 200,000 fingers sold  in Romania.

Customer 1: 

Since June 2017, we use 100% natural rubber fingers for plucking/ finishing in the process of slaughtering broilers from Plumatech.

Considering that compared to other producers of rubber fingers in the country and beyond, your fingers showed a better quality of the chicks after plucking/finishing, we would like to thank you and give you some percentage data with regard to the differences found by us.

Dislocated wings: from 25 to 30%, now we are at a maximum of 5-8%

* Broken wings at the wrist mid-wing: from 75-80%, now we are at maximum 3-5%.

Of course, the above data may change depending on some parameters used in the slaughtering process (eg chickens temperature), line speed, (number of slaughtered chickens/hour), but also the weight of the chicks brought to slaughter.

Like finger quality, I can confirm that they are of better quality than the fingers previously used, referring to the fact that fingers worn, but does not break and does not jump out of the flange before wear.


Red plucking fingers Green plucking fingers Yellow finishing fingers Green finishing fingers
approx. 26- 30/day approx. 24-26/day approx. 18-22/day approx. 18-24/day

Client 2:

Starting in August 2017, we use 100% natural rubber fingers from Plumatech in the broiler plucking process.

We used fingers from Romania but we did not have satisfactory results, and we had losses to the finished product (broken wings) and incomplete plucking.

After using the fingers from Plumatech, we observed a very good quality of the chicken after plucking so we would like to thank for helping us to improve this process.

I mention that the above data may change depending on the number of chickens for daily slaughter, season, the speed of the line and the weight of the slaughtering chicken.

Qualitatively I can recommend with the utmost confidence that Plumatech fingers are a good quality product that is superior to those in the domestic market, referring to the fact that they can wear or tear but not in large numbers and do not pull back from the finger holder.

Before our consumption was about 2500-3500 pieces/month, and after installing the Plumatech we can say that we reduced finger consumption by 40% – 60% / month.

Procentual data: Past  Present
Dislocated wings 22%-34% 4%-9%
Broken wings 49%-59% 10%-15%


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