Drinker T-line

ADVANTAGESPerfect functionality.

Optimum performance.

No waste, no leakage, always dry litter.

A permanent supply of fresh water.

Healthy environment. Less mortality.

PRESSURE REGULATORThe simple turn-on of a tap grants a constant and plentiful water flow. The water pressure can be easily adjusted by the appropriate knob placed under the lung. The accurate control of the water pressure is assured through the crystal tube and its level ball.

BREATHER UNITIt consists of a crystal hose with a level ball suitable to keep under control the water pressure, it includes a special tap to clean the line.

OVAL CUP FOR DAY-OLD TURKEYSIts special oval shape allows easy drinking to young turkeys. In order to facilitate the supply of water in the first days, it is possible to include a small ball into the cup.

ROUND CUP FOR ADULT TURKEYSThe round shape of this cup is suitable to reduce waste of water when adult birds drinks, ensuring dry litter conditions.

INSTALLATION5 cups each 3 m
4 cups each 3 m
3 cups each 3 m

DRINKING CAPACITYDay-old turkeys: 30-40 birds per drinker. Adult turkeys: 15-30 birds per drinker, depending on sex and weight.

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